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electric baby swing chair

Soft rocking motion, soft fabric, comfortable vibration, music and sound, and cute puppet toys, and the seat can be easily folded, which makes it a comfortable seat for your baby no matter where you are , You can take it with you!

● Balanced natural swing brings interesting experience, foldable design is convenient for storage and carrying
● The non-slip foot pads increase the friction with the ground, making it difficult to move and tip over during vibration.
● Three-speed timing adjustment, five-speed swing adjustment


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Name: Children’s swing chair
color: gray
Applicable age: 0-12 months
Load range: 15kg
Product material: polyester fiber / iron pipe / plastic
Applicable batteries: 4 No. 2 batteries (this product does not include batteries)
Uses: sleeping child, liberating mother’s hands
Note: Use under the direct supervision of an adult

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Features & details

Sturdy structure: Sturdy support feet make it easy to convert into a stable crib or comfortable cradle and rocking chair.

Easy to assemble: the toy strip can be removed with one hand, which is convenient for loading and unloading

Electric swing: swing and hypnotic music make it easier for babies to fall asleep, while stimulating their musical talents, while liberating mother ‘s hands

Scientific spine protection: ergonomic design makes you feel more comfortable and provides full support for your baby’s back, neck and head to protect the spine

Versatility: 5 kinds of games, rest, sleep and transportation are very suitable for the baby’s life. Babies can sleep or entertain themselves when mothers take a bath, cook or do other household chores